Recognize Doriana Fuksas as Equal Partner

It’s unfortunate that INARCH did not include Doriana Fuksas as equal partner in their Lifetime Achievement Award.


Architects Louise Braverman, Caroline James and Francesca Perani on behalf of Italian activists RebelArchitette and VOW Architects, are launching a petition to request the inclusion of Doriana Fuksas, a recognized partner and Director of the Studio Fuksas, as an equal recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award given to Massimiliano Fuksas by INARCH Istituto Nazionale di Architettura based in Rome, Italy.

More than 80 supporters have already signed the attached letter on the first day of its launch, including Massimiliano Fuksas, Denise Scott Brown, Rem Koolhaas, Paola Antonelli, Beatriz Colomina, Gisue Hariri, Toshiko Mori and Bjarke Ingels. This outpouring of support reflects the need for change in our profession. Women are a majority in the world and increasingly present in Architecture, however do not receive equal recognition.


DSCF9095foto martabrembilaWEB
Doriana Fuksas attends Voices of Women (VOW) Architects Flash Mob at the 2018 Architecture Venice Biennale. Massimiliano attends in support and solidarity.

Considering that the time is ripe for equal representation of male and female professionals for both seasoned professionals and those just entering the field, RebelArchitette recently launched the campaign #timefor50 (time for equality) with the aim to raise the level of awareness in both the public and private realm to consider inclusion in the promotion of events related to architecture.



The team’s self-published book Architette=Women Architects 1⁄2 Here We Are!”, freely available for online viewing, was offered as a tool for this purpose. Three-hundred and sixty-five exceptional women architects from all over the world are listed as potential participants for events. These women are role models for the new and not-so-new generations. Read by over 7000 international users worldwide, the book had especially high readership from Italy, United States, India, United Kingdom and Australia.

RebelArchitette and VOW Architects ask that everyone add their names to the letter, joining the other enlightened professionals who understand the need for this vital change.

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