Flash Mob

AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 NYC

Friday June 22, 12:30 PM

Javits Center-Crystal Palace at corner of 34th St and 11th Ave

Assemble by the AIANY Member’s Lounge under the New York Design banner.

Bring a fan to show solidarity and because it’s hot.

Free and open to the general public. 

Speakers include:

Beverly Willis, FAIA, A.L. Hu, Caroline James, Pascale Sablan, AIA, Rosa Sheng, FAIA (2018)

RSVP: vowarchitects@gmail.com






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MANIFESTO VOW Voices of Women

video courtesy by Melissa Bright – MAKE architecture



We as Voices of Women are building conversations and taking actions to raise awareness to combat pervasive prejudices and disrespectful behavior that appears to be systemic in our culture and discipline. We are united in denouncing discrimination, harassment and agressions against any member of our community. We will not tolerate it. We will not stand silent.

Women are not a minority in the world but women are still a minority in the architecture’s field and we want that it could reflect better the world in which we live.

The Venice Biennale 2018 FREE SPACE is a crucial moment of awakening to promote equitable and respectful treatment of all members of the architectural community irrespective of gender, race, nationality, sexuality and religion. We will join hands with co-workers, students, clients, collaborators, and our male colleagues to create a new path forward toward equitable work and educational environments that promote respectful discourse and open exchange of ideas.

Be a fan of Voices of Women. Make a Vow to uphold fairness, transparency, and collaboration in Architecture NOW.


Nous, Voices of Women, engageons un débat et des actions afin de faire prendre conscience de la nécessité de combattre les préjugés et les comportements non respectueux qui envahissent systématiquement notre culture et notre discipline. Nous sommes unies pour dénoncer la discrimination, le harcèlement et les agressions contre les membres de notre communauté. Nous ne le tolèrerons plus. Nous ne resterons pas silencieuses.

Les femmes ne sont pas une minorité dans le monde mais les femmes dans l’architecture sont toujours une minorité et nous voulons que le monde de l’architecture soit un meilleur reflet du monde dans lequel nous vivons.

La Biennale de Venise 2018 FREE SPACE est un moment opportun pour nous réveiller afin de promouvoir un traitement équitable et respectueux pour tous dans l’architecture indépendamment du genre, de la race, de la nationalité, de la sexualité et de la religion. Nous nous joignons avec nos partenaires, les étudiants, les clients, les collaborateurs et nos collègues masculins afin de créer une voie nouvelle vers un environnement équitable de travail et d’enseignement afin de promouvoir des discours respectueux et des échanges d’idées ouverts.

Supportez Voices for women. Faites un voeu afin de défendre la justice, la transparence et la collaboration en Architecture MAINTENANT.


Noi Voices of Women costruiamo dialoghi e promuoviamo azioni per sviluppare la consapevolezza necessaria a combattere i pregiudizi diffusi e il comportamento irrispettoso che sembra essere sistemico

nella nostra cultura e disciplina. Siamo unite nel denunciare discriminazioni, molestie e aggressioni contro qualsiasi membro della nostra comunità. Non lo tollereremo. Non rimarremo in silenzio.

Le donne non sono una minoranza nel mondo, ma le donne sono ancora una minoranza nel campo dell’architettura e vogliamo che il mondo in cui viviamo venga riflesso meglio in questa professione.

La Biennale di Venezia 2018 FREE SPACE è un momento cruciale per prendere coscienza e promuovere un trattamento equo e rispettoso di tutti i membri del mondo dell’architettura, indipendentemente dal genere, dalla razza, dalla nazionalità, dall’orientamento sessuale e dalla religione.

Ci uniremo a colleghe, colleghi, studentesse, studenti, clienti, collaboratrici, collaboratori, per creare un nuovo percorso verso ambienti professionali ed educativi che promuovano un confronto rispettoso e uno scambio aperto di idee.

Diventa un fan di Voices of Women. Fai una promessa per sostenere l’equità, la trasparenza e la collaborazione nell’Architettura OGGI.


Flash Mob Call


in English / 

Dear all friends,
We are a group of international women (diverse in terms of age, background and professional roles) who have decided to gather on Friday May 25th 2018 at 11:00 am on the stairs of the Central Pavilion in the Giardini for a FLASH MOB to stand, read a statement about Women in Architecture as women in other fields have already done, because it is important to raise consciousness in our field…

You will be in Venice as you are exhibited or because you are coming to visit. We propose that you come on Friday and join us. We need to be as maximum a number as possible. Please take a FAN with you as a sign, and also because of the hot weather.

We would appreciate for those who agree to come if you could confirm so we can keep count.

Hope to see you soon.


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